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Surveys for starters: An introduction to designing and conducting management surveys This 30-page paper addresses the definition of a survey, what tools you will need, defining your population, selecting a sample, writing your questions, choosing response scales, distributing your questionnaire, processing and analyzing your returns, conducting your analysis, and preparing your presentation.

It's not the score, it's what they say This brief note emphasizes the importance of collecting qualitative information to better understand quantitative data.

The meaningful power of the 10-point scale This note explains why the 10-point scale is preferable to a scale with fewer points. 

Recommended numeric scales This 5-page paper describes the numeric response scales used by Surveytools to measure satisfaction and expectations.

Presenting survey results This 5-page paper provides guidance on how to prepare a report and press release based on survey results.

References to satisfaction and survey literature This is a 5-page collection of bibliographic references to customer satisfaction, survey, and statistics publications, including the bibliography of the American Marketing Association (used with permission). Note that the most current bibliography is published in the latest edition of Creating and Measuring Satisfaction: The Beneserve Satisfaction System.

Other satisfaction sources This 2-page note describes selected sources of customer satisfaction information, including web addresses.

"Running your business without customer satisfaction data is like operating without an accounting system." ® This note makes a brief case for formalizing a methodology for measuring satisfaction as part of standard financial accounting procedures. 

Los Alamos Case Study: The role of leadership in a major national research library that has institutionalized outstanding customer service.

What is satisfaction? This brief note offers a definition of satisfaction and the need to communicate expectations as a first step toward delivering satisfaction.

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